2023 Jan. 21
Spielwarenmesse 2023 International Toy Fair Nurnberg
Super kids will be in the 2023 Spielwarenmesse from 2/1-2/5!
This year, we will not only display our classic style products but also our NEW RELEASED products.  Wanna check out our new product with a SPECIAL EDITION?  Visit us during the exhibition! 

Super Kids is an exporter of children furniture. Our product line includes kids' table and European, Middle East, Australian, Asian and American markets.chairs set, toy storage organizer and kids bed. We export our furniture to the worldwide.

Super Kids is an exporter of children's furniture made in Taiwan.  What we value is to accompany children in their happy learning and healthy growth.

From 1995 to 2020, Super Kids has been invited to participate in the Nuremberg International Toy Fair in Germany (  So far, it has participated in 26 years.  Every year, we communicate with children experts from all over the world in this exhibition to improve the design and quality of Super Kids products and make children happier and more energetic in using.

Super Kids' main products are preschool colorful furniture includes children's tables and chairs set, storage boxes and racks and kids cots.
All product designs are tailor-made for children.  The height of the table and seat makes it more comfortable to use.  They have undergone repeated ergonomic tests and corrections.  The composite design allows the Super Kids table to be integrated into the children’s daily activities.  The desktop design of the drawing board allows children to create at any time, but it will not stain the table.  Various drawer designs make the table practical and fun.  After disassembling the drawing board, the ingenious design of the groove allows children to enjoy playing with sand or water on the table.

Storage boxes and storage racks are designated products for many kindergartens in Taiwan.  The design of various colors of the products makes the children's living environment full of colors, and encourages children to like storage from an early age, learning to organize and classify their own things by themselves, developing a good habit of independent management.  Multi-frame design is a good helper for parents.  No matter how many toys and dolls they are, they can be easily classified,

The Nuremberg International Toy Fair is the most important event in the toy industry that toy boutiques from all over the world gather in Nuremberg, including well-known toy brands, children-related brands, major buyers, retailers, and numerous media representatives.  During the exhibition, there will be toy industry professional knowledge seminars every day, which will announce the trend of the coming year and exchange the latest information.

The Nuremberg Toy Fair will be held from Febuary 1st to Febuary 5th 2023, we look forward to meeting you and introducing you new products at that time!

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