Super Kids is an exporter of children's furniture.
Our product line includes kids' table and chairs set, toy storage organizer and kids bed.
We export our furniture to the European, Middle East, Australian, Asian and American markets.
We were founded in 1990. Our factory is located in Taichung, Taiwan; the total area is 5305 square meters (57102 square feet). Our factory employs around 50 people including production staff:30 to 49 employees, QC staff:3 to 5 employees and R&D staff:3 to 5. We export all our productions and all our products are EN71 approved.
Processing Support Export/import
We export all of our production. We provide assistance in the processing of insurance, shipping, customs and export documents.
Guarantees, Warranties, Terms, and Conditions
We guarantee all of our products. We also guarantee a 30-day delivery time. Payment terms are T/T or L/C at sight.
Machinery / Equipment for R&D
We use locally sourced CAD/CAM equipment to develop a new product. Our in-house R&D team created three new items every year, so you can be sure to have a new offering for your market. New products are developed to meet and exceed market standards. In order to achieve this, we give emphasis on its type, function, design, and quality.
Major Export Markets
America / Europe / Australia / Middle East / Asia
After Sales Service
After-sales services are handled by our customer representative team at our Taichung, Taiwan office.
QC / Technical Support
Our in-house, 5-person QC team is composed of engineers and technicians. They regularly attend in-house seminars in order to keep them updated with the company's quality standards. We also employ the services of reputable sub-contractors to help us with quality inspections.
OEM Capability
With 30 years of experience, we are able to provide you with OEM services on all of our product lines and offer you all the details of design services. The buyer’s logo and design services are also available.
Sample Availability & Policy
We offer free samples The shipping and taxes are paid by the customer and would be deducted from the coming order.
Procedures / Testing Details
To make sure that only the best quality products leave our factory, we conduct random inspections at all levels of production - from sourcing of raw materials to the pre-delivery of the finished goods.
Materials / Components
Plastic: 70% Taiwan, 20% USA, 10%Japan Iron: 100% Taiwan Wood: Canada, New Zealand, Australia
Monthly Output
20,000 to 29,999 Pieces
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